Here's a little bit about the people that will be topping off your style.


Alisha is the owner and head stylist of Legacy. She came into being a barber kind of by chance. She decided to try a quick course and quickly found that she had a real passion for it. She tried being a hairdresser for a while but quickly realised that she preferred the sharp, neat and slick look of mens styling over the soft looks of womens hairdressing. She then took on some further training with Alan Beak and Menspire. This is how she decided to become a mens stylist and this is the reason why you'll pay a few quid more here than you will at a more basic barber shop. Legacy don't just wet and cut your hair, they will give you a consultation and advice plus they will wash it and style it with skill. She has been in the industry for nearly 10 years already, getting her first job at 19 and opening her first shop at 21. In a best barber competition Alisha came 4th out of 5000 entrants. If Alisha wasn't a barber she'd quite fancy having a crack at being a tattoo artist, though she doesn't feel like she's artistic enough she's definitely creative enough. Alisha is super passionate about being a barber and has thrown herself into it. Something else that she is really passionate about is her tattoos.


Kerri began barbering in 2017. She used to always help Alisha in her shops growing up and would come in and junior around her own job. Watching Alisha gave her an interest in barbering and she'd always be asking questions. She decided to go to college to get qualified and since then has thrived and progressed rapidly. Kerri has achieved level 6 advanced in gents barbering and says the past couple of years have been amazing. She has entered herself in several competitions going on to win national trainee barber of the year for Scotland. This allowed her to travel to London for a photoshoot and her work was published in BarberNV magazine. This was a major accomplishment, especially so early in her career. What she loves the most are the gents she meets on a daily basis and making them feel good with a fresh haircut and beard trim. It’s a rewarding job and she also enjoys the creative side of barbering and colouring.

  • Scottish students NT Barber finalist 2018 & 2019 at the Scottish hair and beauty show
  • Rising star finalist at the great British barber bash 2018
  • Winner of Scotland’s national trainee barber of the year 2019
  • Cravtex winner for advanced gents barbering level 6 at the Trades House of Glasgow
  • Awarded for most recognised in the industry by award winning bodies